Tidal Wake Plug Sales N' Play Underwater Boat LED Light No Drain $62 Tidal Wake Plug N' Play Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light, No Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $62 Tidal Wake Plug N' Play Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light, No Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Tidal Wake Plug Sales N' Play Underwater Boat LED Light No Drain No,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Plug,N',Drain,LED,Underwater,Plug,www.webdispo.com,$62,Light,,Tidal,Wake,Play,/visitors-disability,Boat No,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Plug,N',Drain,LED,Underwater,Plug,www.webdispo.com,$62,Light,,Tidal,Wake,Play,/visitors-disability,Boat

Tidal Wake Plug Minneapolis Mall Sales N' Play Underwater Boat LED Light No Drain

Tidal Wake Plug N' Play Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light, No


Tidal Wake Plug N' Play Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light, No

Product Description

Underwater lighting in minutes


Light the Wake You Make! Be Visible, Bright and FUN at Night...

Complete Underwater Lighting System in less than 5 minutes at a fraction of the cost.

No Holes to Drill! No Wiring Required!

Add a burst of underwater light when you boat at night!

Simply replace your threaded 1/2" drain plug with this “Plug N’ Play” ultra- bright 1800 lumen Underwater LED.

Illuminated ON/OFF switch plugs into an accessory outlet. Easily route cord out-of-site along gunnel.

Quick and Easy waterproof connector to detach when trailering.

LED Fixture can be safely kept in the storage bag.Underwater lighting is Great for Cruising, Swimming and Fishing.

Be more visible at night and enjoy the glow and ambiance that underwater lighting creates!

Available in 4 colors - Blue, White/Clear, Red, Green. Storage bag included


Tidal Wake Plug N' Play Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light, No

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