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Warrior Crunch High Protein Low Carb g depot Caramel Limited price sale 64 Salted Bar

Warrior Crunch High Protein Low Carb Bar, 64 g, Salted Caramel,


Warrior Crunch High Protein Low Carb Bar, 64 g, Salted Caramel,

Product description

Flavor:Salted Caramel

Warrior CRUNCH bars are possibly the tastiest low carb, high protein bar ever to hit the market! A richly delicious, multi-layered, crunchy low-carb, high protein bar that is perfect any time of day. Very high protein - 20g Per bar. Low Carbs and Low sugar. Triple layer gooey goodness. Incredibly tasty Warrior CRUNCH bars are the result of over 12 months of research and development, working 24 hour days to blend a high protein, low carb, healthy nutritional profile into something that gives you the true "candy bar" Experience. Crunch bars are packed with 20 grams of healthy protein, encased in a layer of gorgeously gooey caramel, and wrapped in delicious chocolate. Warrior CRUNCH bars have almost as much protein as a chicken breast, yet taste like a Michellin starred desert. Just 2.3G's of sugar per bar, and 2.3g of impact carbs, Warrior CRUNCH is the perfect protein bar for dieting, eating clean, and keeping lean all year round. Built for warriors, designed for athletes, driven to victory.

Warrior Crunch High Protein Low Carb Bar, 64 g, Salted Caramel,

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